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For Curious Minds

"Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn't be done." - Amelia Earhart

Remote Viewing is not accepted in the current scientific paradigm. That does not mean it's not true.

"One step ahead and you're a genius. Two steps ahead and you're a mad-man" - Anonymous
"Tell me something that’s true, that almost nobody agrees with you on." - Peter Thiel's famous interview question for entrepreneurs

Remote Viewing (RV) is presently considered a pseudoscience by mainstream scientists.  Most scientists believe it cannot be proven and have continually sought to disprove all evidence of psi (psychic abilities). Furthermore, RV does not have a scientific theory underpinning it.  Outside the laboratory,  anybody who claims to be a psychic is waiting to take your money. 

Amidst all of this noise, how can anybody determine the truth about this  subject? Should we leave this to the experts and go on blind faith, having someone else decide for us?  Would a better approach not be to experiment with our own consciousness?

Because we have a level of confidence in our skill and a competency established against blind targets, we are ready and willing to be tested in double blind conditions, if you meet the following criteria:

1) You are a seasoned Venture Capitalist or Investor with a successful track record of  investments, making large successful bets for trends that only materialized far later in time, demonstrating uncanny foresight.

2) You are willing to understand how this technology works and are skeptical, yet curious enough to experiment with it and are not restricted by dogmas. 

3) You have access or can provide access to EEG devices to measure brainwaves.

4) You are willing to go on-the-record.

5) You have the courage to experiment with things no one else has and you do your due diligence and homework. 

6) You have a benevolent instinct to help humanity and have an expertise in developing sustainable business models.

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