The REMOTE VIEWING Podcast Episode #002

What is Maria - the three fingered mummy found near Nazca, Peru?

Social media is ablaze with's web documentary series Unearthing Nazca, which shows evidence of a rather peculiar, ancient looking mummy. Reportedly dating back to between 200-400 AD, this find may be the first discovery of its kind to scientifically prove that Man is not alone in the universe. 

In this podcast, Kahn and Brett dive deep into the controversy around the story, and present their
corroborating remote viewing data about the Nazca mummy. 

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Uncovering Truth with RV
  • Fact Checking Websites
  • A Priori Argumentation
  • The Hale-Bopp Hoax
  • Stage 4 Data Overlay
  • RV Results About Maria

Mentions and Resources: