TROIKA Report: The Nazca Mummy

TROIKA Report: The Nazca Mummy

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The TROIKA Group presents a 40-page report that deep dives into Remote Viewing and it's application on Maria, the mysterious 3-fingered mummy, recently discovered in Peru. In this e-book we have:

1) Never before released artistic sketches on Maria and her death**
2) Actual Remote Viewing Session Data including the ideogram, Stage 3 sketches and the Site Template of Maria's Death
3) Advanced "Mind" Mental Models and RV Mental Models, that show how RV works (never released before)
4) Specific Sketches on the crystals that are a far more significant find

Review detailed artistic sketches of the story behind her death and glimpse into the process of Remote Viewing itself. Exclusive session scans by professional viewers Kahn and Brett are included in the e-book, which is the first time this information has been released.

**Actual Artistic Rendered drawings are based on overlapping Visuals received in session regarding Maria.