Crypto Currency Predictive Analysis

The technological exchange medium known as crypto currency is still very much a novel concept.

A crypto currency is a digital platform designed around the storage and exchange of value. In this sense, it functions much the same as any other form of currency, such as the United States Dollar (USD).

Arguably Bitcoin’s leading competitor, Ethereum is rapidly growing in popularity and name recognition. Seeded in 2014, Ethereum innovates on the block-chain technology, which uses a model by which trust can be reached on an open network. Ethereum makes this technology applicable to just about anything that can be mathematically represented, modeled, secured or traded, and just like on Bitcoin, you don’t need to trust a centralized bank to keep your funds safe.

The TROIKA Group chose to focus our efforts on a novel, yet worthy task: to project and evaluate the long-term impact of today’s top crypto currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Our investigation confirms the long-standing suspicion that a crypto currency war is coming...

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