Remote Viewing Consultants, Teachers & Explorers

The TROIKA Group

The TROIKA Group is an organization dedicated to the promotion and application of a consciousness hacking tool described as Remote Viewing. The group is presently comprised of two consultants with 18 years of cumulative experience in developing and harnessing Remote Viewing for use in real-world problem-solving situations. Our interests range from visual and graphic design to music, audio production, construction, writing, theoretical physics, research, and digital strategy.

We connect humanity to the birth right of their intuition. We do this by presenting them with a process that is rigorous, repeatable and methodical, endowing them with a transformative experience of an altered state of consciousness. This experience tends to gift people with what is poetically described as a Sartori moment.

As a bridge to these altered states, we emphasize through our education, the importance of rationality, skepticism and encourage a healthy relationship to self-doubt. Through our content we aim to create an impact, providing an entertaining experience that would facilitate the realization of our vision.

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